Large mesh pocket offers excellent functionality and practicality

The jacket is equipped with large mesh pocket at front. It can fit hats, portable foods and maps you often need, and is located in conveniently reachable position. The debth of the pocket can be adjusted 2ways. The jacket has security pocket inside the left chest pocket to store your valuables. It is a packable jacket, so no storing bag is needed.


Pullover Jacket

Pullover style do not have zipper that goes all the way down. So it doesn't restrict upper body movements and the silhouette to remains smooth. Also it results in improved mobility, better waterproof, and no interference with waistbelt. The jacket offers many added benefits compared to full-zip style. Its roomy silhouette and longer front zip makes it easy to put on and take off, that even resolve the difficulty many pullovers have.


GORE-TEX PACLITE® excells in its light-weight and portability among GORE-TEX fabrics. It is a 2 layer construction with GORE-TEX membrane binded to the inner side of the material. Inside of the membrane is protected with durable thin film without the use of the lining. Eliminating the lining makes the jacket thinner, lighter, and easily packable. Despite of its lightness, the jacket offers solid protection from sudden weather changes with waterproof, windproof and moisture permeability of GORE-TEX.

Minimal Design

This jacket has slightly roomy, relaxed silhouette, so it retains its look even when paird with downs and fleece as mid-layer. Drawcords of the hood and the hem are made invisible from outside to give cleaner look. It is a jacket with minimal design without the compromise of functionality and practicality.

GORE-TEX Mountain Pullover

GM00121 $550.00
Size : S · M · L · XL