In 2015, Goldwin began a joint research and development project with Spiber aimed at the realization of sustainable manufacturing responding to the changes of the times. In this collaboration, we have worked on the practical application of the structural protein materials, “Brewed Protein™” in the outdoor industry.

“Brewed Protein™” refers to artificial protein materials produced from plant-derived biomass using a proprietary fermentation process.
Brewed Protein materials can be processed into a variety of forms that are used in the apparel industry, with examples ranging from delicate filament fibers with a silky sheen to spun yarns that boast features such as cashmere-like softness or the renowned thermal and moisture-wicking properties of wool. This technology allows for the production of animal-free fur and leather alternatives.

Also, as a part of this joint research and development project, we have focused on the improvement of quality through collaborations with numerous partners and outdoor brands, and field tests. As a result of these endeavors, various projects were launched: "Planetary Equilibrium Tee(2018)”, a T-shirt featuring a new material combining plant-based cellulose and “Brewed Protein™”, “MOON PARKA®(2019)”, the world’s first outerwear jacket utilizing structural proteins.

In this project, we developed a sweater utilizing a new blend of “Brewed Protein™” functional wool. Based on the minimalism and sophisticated design identity of Goldwin who has a long history as a skiwear brand, we designed a classical outdoor sweater. This sweater embodies the new sustainable manufacturing creating harmony between natural materials and “Brewed Protein™”. At the same time, with this project as a beginning, we started a project of “VISION QUEST” aimed at envisioning the ideal future with partners around the globe.


Under the Same Sky

by THE EUGENE Studio

As a symbol of the concept, an art piece titled “Under the Same Sky” created by the Japanese artist studio, THE EUGENE STUDIO is featured.
This photography work consists of multiple pictures— this time was 15, of the sky taken at the same time by numerous participants a few kilometers away each other. This series of work has been carried out in Japan and along the Rhine river in Europe so far.
We believe this work created through the process where participants enjoy an accidental environment, co-create, and envision the future all together under the same sky resonates with the concept of this project.



The Sweater