Self Conditioning - RUN

Why I run for myself

One chilly autumn morning in 2020 after a long, hot summer. I brush my teeth and drink a glass of water just like any other day, then naturally go into my morning routine of running. As I enjoy the most peaceful moment of my day, I start organizing my schedule for the day in my mind.

I feel that until last year I was running to drive myself to the edge. But this year I am embracing a new purpose, taking this appropriate exercise as an important milestone in maintaining good physical and mental health. I believe that we are at a point in time where we see our physical activities from a different perspective. I run because it helps me keep myself in the best condition to live an enriched life, even in a world that keeps changing dramatically, or if this sounds a bit too dramatic, I want to take care of myself for a more fulfilling life.

I am definitely running for myself, and not for anyone else. While running, I feel it both my body and my mind, which becomes clearer as I go forward.

To further increase the running effect, I make sure to wear tights outside. These are used for general medical treatment. The compression level setting helps drastically improve blood flow and reduce swelling, and moreover, it protects you from injuries by controlling extra muscle contractions.

This hoodie is for switching to “interactive mode” to go deeper within your body and mind. I must thank the 3-D lining cloth as I wish to sweat a lot. It is comfortable to the touch even when covered in sweat. Dedicated runners such as those aiming to complete a full marathon in under 3 hours usually wear waterproof lightweight jackets, but for me, I like the rather matte and soft texture of this hoodie, which is perfect for casual running in the neighborhood. This hoodie also gives me a complete sense of protection from the elements, and it does not feel too tight even if I zip it up all the way.

The functional outline of my running pants is also “just right” for me. It is a rather loose-fit design compared to ordinary ones, improving comfort on the move. This outfit does not compromise on style or functionality. It is a classy all black design (you can hop into a cafe after working out), with a water-proof pocket to help prevent your smartphone from getting wet.

With this sudden increase in the work-from-home, I sometimes find myself sitting at a desk all day long. We need a certain rhythm to follow wherever we are. Before deskwork stress gets the better of me, I start running in a calm manner following my instincts, which say, “It is time to work out”. Maintaining the balance between activity and tranquility is the key to strengthening mental health and fighting off distress and frustration, especially during this difficult time.

I have come to realize this recently-- socks are as important as shoes. The ones I am wearing now are called arch-support socks. A tape is incorporated into the sock to support the horizontal arch (toes) and vertical arch (instep). This keeps your foot in the right position all the time. You do not need to feel pressured about running, but learning about the ideal items for getting you started with your daily running habit will keep you from a lot of trouble in the end.

Photography by TOHRU YUASA

Items for Running

Woven Stretch Half Zip Pullover

GA10134 $310.00


Dry Tee

GA60130 $75.00


Woven Stretch 9/10 Pants

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Inspiration Long Tights

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Arch Support Quarter Socks

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Inspiration Calf Sleeves

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