Taping supports the arch, even for long-hour workouts.

C3fit arch support socks have a unique structure that supports 3 arches of the foot.
They prevent the breakdown for the arch, which tends to cause trouble for runners. Damage during exercise is reduced by alleviating the strain and impact placed on the sole of the foot. If tired muscles stiffen while running, the arches breakdown, and they cannot completely absorb the impact of landing. This puts a huge burden on the knees and on the back.
C3fit's unique structure supports all three arches and avoid problems by preventing the breakdown of the arch.

Arch Support Socks

Socks support all three arches with its unique structure

Longitudinal arch support

Goldwin’s arch support socks have a unique cross-taping structure that supports the plantar arch by specialized yarn and knit structure.
Lateral arch supports metatarsal bones, which prevents the arch from falling. Arches of the foot absorb impact like a cushion during exercise.

Tab on the ankle

A tab to prevent socks from slipping inside the shoes and to protect the achilles.


Heels and bottom of toes have cushion with pile structure. Pile is not used in front of toe to maintain better fit.
Uses strong yarn on the toes for more durability.

  • Arch Support Short Socks


    3F66156U $14.00

  • Arch Support Ankle Socks


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  • Arch Support Quarter Socks


    3F66159U $15.00

  • 5 Finger Arch Support Short Socks


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