What is Paper Fiber?

Paper Fiber Socks uses a fiber made from a Japanese traditional material "Washi (Japanese paper.)" It offers an excellent moisture absorbency, and its unique dryness reduces stickiness.

"Washi" has superior humidification, water absorbency, and breathability. Because of such characteristics, "Washi" has been used as a household material in Japan to control the humidity inside the room to combat Japan's wet seasons.
In the hope of promoting these great quality of "Washi," we thought to utilize this material for other things such as an apparel and started the development of Paper Fiber.

The first challenge was combining paper thread which is a short-fiber, with nylon that has longer fiber. We've gone through numerous trial and error for the perfect mixture of two different fibers, and developed the most effective weaving method which gave birth to our "Paper Fiber."

Weaving Paper Fiber is difficult because it is less flexible when compared to conventional threads. Not many factories overseas has the capability; therefore, the production of Paper Fiber Socks is done at the factory in Japan with promising skills.


Lasting Freshness

Paper Fiber Socks wick moisture not through harmful hydrophobic chemicals, but through the unique rough texture of the paper fiber. The result is a performance sock that protects your feet and aids long runs in hot weather unlike any sock you’ve worn before.


Paper Fiber is exceptionally abrasion resistance. Using a traditional Japanese technique, the yarns are twisted with stretchy nylon. Together, the paper fiber and nylon create a yarn that is five times stronger than the synthetic yarn commonly used in sport socks. Thus, Paper Fiber socks are ideal for high-intensity sports.

Taping Structure

The taping at the sole supports the arch and keeps the height of vertical arch. It also wraps the metatarsal region of the foot and supports a lateral arch. Securing arches in place absorbs impacts and supports its cushioning function which maintains feet's propelling force.

Paper Fiber Socks

Paper Fiber Arch Support Pile Socks

UNISEX GC29330 $22.00


Paper Fiber Arch Support Ankle Socks

UNISEX GC29331 $18.00


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