The Sweater

In much the same manner that evolution drives adaptations throughout the natural world, increases in human knowledge have encouraged mankind to develop various tools and products for use in daily life. One example of this is the sweater. Developed approximately 1,000 years ago by people living in hunter-gatherer societies near frigid coastal and mountainous areas, the sweater was originally a hand-knitted item that utilized animal fibers to protect its wearer from the cold. Both the form and function of the sweater have continued to evolve over the course of its long history, and these days the sweater is now commonly used as an essential winter wear item in addition to its more traditional uses in outdoor sports such as skiing and hiking. One of the reasons for the sweater’s enduring popularity across countless generations and varied cultures is due to the nature of its construction, which maximizes the incredible potential for diversity and versatility found in animal fibers.

This latest collaboration between Goldwin and Spiber, “The Sweater”, was developed while asking ourselves “What was the origin of this iconic product?” and “What will it look like in the future?” Produced from plant-derived biomass using a fermentation process, the Brewed Protein™ materials featured in The Sweater are the result of Spiber’s research into the creation of biopolymer materials capable of mimicking the properties found in natural spider silk.

By combining these innovative new materials with fine merino wool and high-grade cashmere, it is our hope that The Sweater can serve as a starting point in our search for solutions to global environment problems. The Sweater’s color, black, was chosen because it represents the mixing of all colors and is said to be the color of beginnings. In this way, we envision The Sweater as connecting the beginning of this iconic item’s long history with the latest in technological developments.

Product Information
Brewed Protein™ 30%
Wool 70%
Color: Black
Size: S/M/L (Unisex)
Country of Origin: Japan

Price 800.00

Brewed Protein

Brewed Protein™ refers to protein materials produced from plant-derived biomass using Spiber’s proprietary fermentation process. Brewed Protein materials can be processed into a variety of forms, with examples ranging from delicate filament fibers with a silky sheen to spun yarns that boast features such as cashmere-like softness or the renowned thermal and moisture-wicking properties of wool. Brewed Protein materials have a lot to offer ethically, too—Spiber’s in-house technology allows for the production of compelling animal-free fur and leather alternatives, and Brewed Proteins can also be processed into resins closely resembling tortoiseshell or animal horn. With potential uses ranging from medical applications to lightweight composite materials, the adaptability of Brewed Proteins means they are perfectly placed to support a wide variety of consumer needs.

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To the Past, To the Future

by Takashi Kawashima