Inspiration Long Tights

Graduated compression to support blood circulation.

The pumping action of the leg muscle supports the blood circulation throughout the body. The precise graduated compression helps this action to enhance blood flow, effectively supplying oxygen and nutrients to every part of the body, to reduce swelling, and to condition one's body.
At the same time, it suppresses excessive muscle vibration to minimize energy loss and increase efficiency during work-outs.
Inspiration series help you condition your body prior to exercising and help expedite recovery time afterwards. They are also great for reducing leg swelling during your everyday activities.

Product Features

Smart Seam

The tights use ‘smart seam’ technology, which is a special kind of tape used on the inner seams for a flat finish to reduce rubbing on the skin.

Seamless waist band

Uses the same material as on the seam for the waist for greater comfort.

3D pattern

The original 3D design follows leg movements and enables smooth running gait.

UV protection

UV protective fabric (UPF 30; UV blocking rate of 90%) helps prevent skin damage and reduce skin’s UV radiation exposure.

Originally developed material

Its original material offers great stretch, durability and a perfect fit.
Comfortable feel is made possible by an unique design based on an uncompromising pursuit for the perfect fit.

Japan quality

The Inspiration Series is produced in a selected, very limited number of factories in Japan to implement designs, details and materials that can meet the requirements demanded by top athletes.

Inspiration Series

Inspiration Long Tights

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