Some days,
Some places with
Geoff McFetridge

HomePlace of Family

Two dogs welcomed us when ringing the chimes of Geoff’s home. They ran to the backyard passing through the kitchen in brilliant peppermint green. Following the dogs and we found that there are lots of trees with bearing oranges and figs. They are all fresh and tastes better than those in the market. Then we headed to the garage. There were ski boards, skateboards, surfing gears inside it. Not only his gears, also those of the whole family are being put neatly together.

OutdoorPlaces Essential to His Creation

His home, atelier and Griffith Park, each of them are located not too close but not too far. Geoff does trail running to atelier 2 to 3 days a week, sometimes in shortcut, sometimes in detour. Also he goes skateboarding. His skating spot is in front of Costco near his atelier. On this day, he enjoyed skateboarding with Charlie, his friend running clothing shop.

AtelierPlace of Drawing His Experience

Geoff’s atelier is two-story house. Ground floor has painting room and storage space for his archives, and his bikes and skateboards. Second floor has big shelf, big working table, big window. On this day, he sat at the big table there. He was running a pencil on paper, his drawing was so smooth that I got fascinated immediately. All the things he drew looked rich in humor.